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A New Direction

If you look up the word AUTHOR you’ll find most definitions mention writing a book, essay, play, etc. A broader definition includes anyone who creates something, i.e. a business plan, software, film. I rather like the definition I found at The Cambridge Dictionary online:

A person who begins or creates something

As soon as a story begins to grow in a writer’s head they are an author. Putting that story on paper is the next step in the journey an author takes.

As a writer, I’ve begun stories that were never finished, stories that were rejected countless times by editors, stories that were critiqued and stories that weren’t, and stories that were successfully published.

One of the differences between the creations that were successful and those that were not was the critique and editorial process. The creations of ALL writers will benefit from a constructive critique as well as comprehensive editing.

As I’ve searched for my new career focus, I keep coming back to the fact that I love working with words! I was reminded of that recently while doing some critiques for friends. And so I decided one new focus is to throw my hat into the gig economy ring!

gigimageMy goal is to help authors on their journey as they create magic with words. I look forward to offering objective critiques as others have done for me. You can find my services at Fiverr.

I’ll let you know how it goes!snoopy-writer

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