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Some Words About Me


When we think of ourselves we may think of a collection of words that define us. In no particular order I am:

Daughter, sister, wife mother, aunt, friend, speech therapist, writer, author, cook, baker, reader, good listener, left-handed, happy, strong-willed, smart, baby boomer, Caucasian of mixed heritage, cat lover… We’ll stop there.  I know I could add to the list. Those that know me could too, and might be better at adding those less flattering words!

So if we take those words and make connections you learn a bit about me.

I was born and raised in Newburgh, New York; by parents who came from Edwardsville, Illinois. I’m a middle child with an older and a younger sister. We were lucky to have loving parents who gave us a good life. I have many happy childhood memories of my home, vacations, school and friends. I don’t remember not loving to read and books were always a part of my life.

I attended the State University of New York at Albany and the University of Connecticut obtaining a bachelor’s and master’s degree in speech pathology. At my first job, in Williamsport Pennsylvania, I met my husband, also a speech therapist. We’ve been married 35 years and have a son and a daughter, both married and both left-handed. My dad, also a lefty, said we had to be smarter, because we lived in a right-handed world! He was a smart man!

When my children were toddlers, books were a large part of every day. My mother, who inspired my love of cooking and baking by being superb at both, suggested I take a writing course. I did and that is how my writing career began. Although not quite that easily!

While there are the instant success stories, most writers work hard at their craft for years before publication. That was how it was with me. Full of ups and downs, starts and stops, rejections and acceptances. In fact, even with four published picture books and numerous stories in magazines, that is still how the writing life goes. And it’s mixed in with family and friends and paying jobs!

But for me, and most writers, words call to us. They ask us to collect them and connect them. Together they are more. Just like each of us is more than our collection of words and more still, when we connect with others.


My Collection of Words


Thanks for joining me!

You would think starting a blog would be easy for an author, but for me it’s a bit intimidating. First, people will expect quality writing, and there’s the question of what to blog about. Should it be about writing or book reviews or information for parents and teachers, or about me? I couldn’t decide.

I thought about words. They can define us, connect us or separate us. The words are just there waiting for us to pick them up and use them. We speak them, write them, read them and sign them. So a blog, like a conversation, a book, a speech, a lesson or a presentation is just a collection of words. And words have power. The power to teach, to wound, to heal.

So this blog, My Collection of Words, may touch on varied topics of interest to an audience of one or many. The topics will vary, but they will have something to do with writing, reading, books or communication and they will always contain WORDS…

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