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My Collection of Words


Thanks for joining me!

You would think starting a blog would be easy for an author, but for me it’s a bit intimidating. First, people will expect quality writing, and there’s the question of what to blog about. Should it be about writing or book reviews or information for parents and teachers, or about me? I couldn’t decide.

I thought about words. They can define us, connect us or separate us. The words are just there waiting for us to pick them up and use them. We speak them, write them, read them and sign them. So a blog, like a conversation, a book, a speech, a lesson or a presentation is just a collection of words. And words have power. The power to teach, to wound, to heal.

So this blog, My Collection of Words, may touch on varied topics of interest to an audience of one or many. The topics will vary, but they will have something to do with writing, reading, books or communication and they will always contain WORDS…

Author: Holly Niner

Holly Niner is the author of No More Noisy Nights illustrated by Guy Wolek, and The Day I Ran Away illustrated by Isabella Ongaro. She has had numerous stories published in children’s magazines, and her previous picture books were award winners. Mr. Worry: A Story about OCD, received the 2005 IBBY Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities Award, and I Can’t Stop: A Story about Tourette Syndrome, was the winner of the 2006 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award and a 2005 Bank Street College of Education Best Book. Holly lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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